With all the negativity that is surrounding us, it's awesome when we can help someone else out in their time of need. If that's you, then I have a simple suggestion for you...HELP WISH THIS LITTLE BOY A VERY SPECIAL AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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His name is Enzo and he is going to be celebrating his 5th birthday on February 2nd. He recently underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and they were not able to get all of it. The doctors said that it was too dangerous to remove the rest of it and that he will have to live with it for all of his life.

We want to cheer him up and this is where you come in. His family would like to get a "zillion" birthday cards sent to him, that's right, a "zillion." If you think that sounds like a lot, all I ask is "don't do the math, do your part."

The goal is to get cards from every state and even if you don't think the cards will get to him on time, please send them anyway. Send your cards to:

Barrett Paving Materials, Inc. 
Attn: Project Enzo
PO Box 2368
Binghamton New York 13902

All it takes is a little time to make a lifetime of difference. HELP CHEER ENZO UP BY SENDING HIM A BIRTHDAY CARD OR TWO TODAY!

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