The Hawk is teaming up with Thrifty Shopper to give free weekly makeovers to our listeners in the Greater Binghamton area. The catch? You’ll be dressed by ME! I ain't joining you in the change room, (even though some of you sick puppies would be all for it) so you have no worries about that! Bridget will be there to challenge me with outfits she picks out as well. Bridget is not only our Digital Editor/Manager she also was a fashion major at college!

This weeks winner for Episode #1 Was Ms. Nicole Card! Watch Birdsall slap some clothes on this poor woman!

Each week I pick one lucky listener to join me  at Thrifty Shopper in either Binghamton or Endwell to get a new look. The best part? Thrifty Shopper will let you keep your new duds! That means a new top, bottoms, belt, scarf, purse, and a pair of shoes!

Want Birdsall to dress you up?  

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