If you've ever shot skeet or trap, you might want to give this one a try.  It's called Helice and not a lot of people have heard of it.

Not a lot of people have heard of it, or tried it themselves, but it's becoming more popular in Europe and now in the US.

It's similar to skeet shooting or trap, but this one is quite a bit more random.  It was designed to replicate real bird shooting without dogs.  You know they're in there, but you never know where they're going to come from.  So the artificial targets will not only come randomly from any of 5 different target areas, but they've also got wings.  It almost looks like a regular clay pigeon with helicopter propellers on it.

You get two shots per bird, so you'll need a shotgun that can automatically shoot twice and the goal is to separate the white clay bird from the orange "wings."  The target also has to land within the range that you are standing in.

A typical match is 30 birds, and you shoot them 5 birds at a time, then rotate with others.

It looks incredibly hard but incredibly fun.

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