There are certain things that we HAVE to have. We cannot make compromises on these certain things.


I always need two Sweet N Lows in my coffee, three is too sweet and one isn’t strong enough. A caller today told me she can’t drink anything but iced coffee! If that was me I would go nuts!


I also have to have Heinz Ketchup. Other brands just don’t do it for me. They are either too bitter or too sweet. Heinz has the perfect combination of both. I was shocked how many Hawk listeners actually called in and agreed with me. I have actually left a diner because they didn’t have the right brand.


Another listener told me he can only eat Mott’s apple sauce. As I thought about this I don’t think I have ever had another brand. Mott’s has the perfect apple taste and isn’t too chunky!


I wouldn’t say I am a huge steak sauce fan. I love the taste of a steak with some butter on top as a sauce, but I know a lot of people LOVE A-1 steak sauce. I had a listener say she could only use A-1.


Besides food, I have to use fine point red Sharpies when I am writing at work. I like how they look and write, and when I first started in radio one of my mentors used them and it stuck with me.


What kinds of thing can you not compromise on. If it’s not the right way, brand, or style you just can’t get through your day? Let me know!


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