Did you know that  Nationwide Pet Insurance holds a crazy contest called the "Hambone Award" for the wildest pet injury claim?

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The Hambone Award is named for a dog that once broke into a fridge, ate a whole holiday ham, and ended up getting sick. For the past 15 years, Nationwide has been collecting these insane stories because, hey, they insure over a million pets!

Nationwide has revealed their finalists for the 2023 "Hambone Award" and these tails (tales) are wild, especially the story about the cat from New York.

New York Cat Nominated For The "Hambone Award"

Giles is a cool cat from New York City, who got squished in a sofa when clueless out-of-town visitors accidentally closed the fold-out couch with Giles underneath. Don't panic because Giles came out without a scratch!

Then there is Grayson Haze, a daring Labrador retriever from Texas. Haze made an unexpected leap off a 36-foot-high bridge and landed on a solid concrete embankment. Miraculously, Grayson survived that crazy jump. Whew!

We can’t leave out Jax, the pug from Las Vegas. Snuggled up in a cozy comforter at home while recovering from surgery, Jax ended up overheating and was hit with heat stroke. Luckily, Jax pulled through and is doing just fine now.

But wait there's more. Josie (a mixed breed pup from California) went all out as she was chasing a ball. Josie ended up losing four teeth and breaking her jaw. How? Well, Josie ran right into a pair of cast-iron stadium seats that were taken from Candlestick Park. Ouch!

Last but not least, we have Miko, the brave cat from New Orleans who got into a fight with some doves. Yeah, you heard that right! Miko got bitten near the eye during the feathery fight, but thankfully it wasn't anything serious.

Want to get in on the fun? You can actually vote on which pet should win the prestigious "Hambone Award" here including Giles, the cool cool cat from New York.

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