We sweat. It is almost inevitable. Yard work, broken air conditioner, wore the wrong outfit, even exercising causes us to heat up and become a little moist.

When you become sweaty, dehydrated, and sore you need to restore your body. Most of us will reach for a sports drink or a baby re-hydration drink (my personal choice). Sports drinks and specialty hydrating drinks can hurt your wallet, but there is a cheap alternative: bananas.

Natures long, yellow fruit is coming to our rescue.

Researchers took cyclists and tested out how their recovery times compared while drinking water, a sports drink, and half a banana. They found that bananas act like natural pain killers and inflammation reducers.

The fruit was also effective in reducing pain the day after a workout.

Now, I am no scientist/doctor, but I think I may have stumbled across the perfect recovery drink!

The banana milkshake.

Not only is the banana milkshake super delicious and, as displayed above, a natural pain killer, it also has milk. We have been told all our lives that milk makes our bones stronger and less prone to breaking,

So through my unscientific assumptions, and the actual scientific research done, the banana milkshake may actually be the ultimate sports recovery drink!

At least that's what I'll tell myself in the Sonic Drive Thru.....

[via Newser]

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