New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a meeting with President Donald Trump May 27 to talk about one of the president’s favorite topics: restarting the economy.


The Governor says infrastructure work holds the key to jump-starting the economy but that work needs financial backing from the federal government.

The Democrat May 26 outlined a number of big projects he would like to launch including a sky train at LaGuardia airport, improvements to Penn Station and other projects in New York City.

Cuomo also turned his attention upstate with a call for investment in renewable power that would benefit the need downstate.

The governor says “Let’s build the cross-state transmission lines to develop that renewable market upstate and satisfy the need downstate.  We know they have low-cost hydropower in Canada. Let’s run the cable, the transmission lines from Canada to New York City to get that power down here.”

Cuomo says he’s planning to tell the President that if he wants to reopen the economy, “let’s do something creative” and do it quickly to get Americans back to work.

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