If you're looking to ride your boat anywhere in the state of New York this summer, Gov. Cuomo may have some new regulations for all ages.

You probably remember the horrific tragedy of Charlotte McCue who lost her life on Lake George after a boating accident. You may not have heard about Brianna Lieneck who about 13 years ago, was killed in a boat crash on Long Island.

Brianna's mother has been trying to fight for Brianna's Law to be passed and now Gov. Cuomo wants to do something about it, according to CBS 6. The law aimed at stopping deadly boat crashes like those who killed these two young girls passed the state legislature and it is assumed that Cuomo will sign it into law.

Right now, the state law only requires boat drivers who were born on or after May 1st, 1996 to take a safety course (23 or younger). As CBS reported, "Brianna's Law would make boater safety courses mandatory for boaters of all ages if the vessel is motorized."

This law will only apply to drivers of private vessels and those renting boats will still have to watch an instructional video before they take the boat out.

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