We all get anxious. We all get nervous. I was once told “if you aren’t nervous, you aren’t ready.” That being said, a first date is the scariest dang thing out there.

What should I wear? Where should we at? Should I pay (yes)? Did I wear enough deodorant?!

The thoughts that run through someone’s head before hanging out with a potential partner are insane. Your heart rate can reach up to 106 beats per minutes.

The average person who tries indoor skydiving can experience up to 111 beats per minutes.

So, that means a person going on a blind date is experiencing the same adrenaline rush as someone who is going skydiving.

That. Is. Insane.

First of all, I am not sure I even have enough bravery to go skydiving let alone on a blind date. But now that I know they both produce the same effects, I am not sure which one is scarier.

The saving grace of this study is that 78% of people surveyed said first date nerves are actually endearing to a potential partner.

The shaking, sweating, nervousness must be cute to some people?

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