Just as Glenn and I were preparing for another round of our 'Don't Laugh Challenge,' a guy named Bill walked into our main office, said he was funny and asked if he could join us. We figured his jokes couldn't be any worse than ours and so we invited him in.

Bill is actually a hilarious local comedian who has worked as a contributing joke writer for the Late Show with David Letterman, the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.

Please don't hold Bill's awful 'Don't Laugh Challenge' jokes against him because if you've followed our YouTube series, then you know that the goal is to tell each other the most ridiculously awful jokes. And that we did!

If you need a little humor in your life (and who doesn't?!?) and you're looking for real, GOOD jokes, the Binghamton Comedy Crawl is screaming your name. Learn more about it here.

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