This is one of my favorite times of the year, it's Girl Scout cookie season. It gives me a chance to get their delicious cookies while helping out a great organization. Last year, we were doing drive-by birthday, retirement, and welcome home parades during the shutdown.

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I would bring Girl Scout cookies to give out courtesy of the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways. They were a huge hit and it also eased the pain of listening to me blowing my soccer home. Well, the cookies are back and waiting for you to enjoy.

This year, they are introducing their new cookie called "Adventurefuls" and they are a brownie-inspired cookie with caramel flavored creme and a hint of sea salt. They may call them "Adventurefuls" but I call them "Wonderfuls."

These cookies help pay for the badges that the girls can earn and it helps them with their community projects. Last year, Girl Scout Troop 60111 used the money they earned to fix up an abandoned cemetery in their community.

Girl Scout Cookies

But just like everything else in 2022, the Girl Scouts have been affected by the supply chain problems. Because of the shortage, the number of cookies was cut back for each troop so the girls won't have all the funding they need to get them through the year.

They had planned on using the money they raised to take a small camping trip as well as their large community service project. These sweet girls have decided that they would rather do the service project for the community than take the camping trip.

Teagan Krause
Teagan Krause

My personal favorite is the Tagalongs but you can't go wrong with the Adventurefuls either. If your looking for other places to get these delicious Girl Scout cookies, go here.

If you can't find your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavors because of the worldwide supply chain issue, you can make cookie purchases for donation to the Sweet Support Gift of Caring service project.

Girl Scout Sweet Support Gift Of Caring

Through the Sweet Support project, the cookie donations give the local Girl Scouts and their troops the opportunity to give back to others while helping their cookie program goals.

This year, the donated cookies will be given to local schools/educators, along with the Meals on Wheels programs throughout the area. Girl Scout Cookies that are bought as a donation will support the local troops and serve as a special treat for the meal recipients.

With your help, the Girl Scout Troop 60111 may still be able to take that camping trip along with their community service project. YOU GO GIRLS!!!

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