If you haven't heard, we've been doing birthday parades since April 2020 and we continue to do them today. We not only show up for birthdays but we also come to graduation, welcome home even retirement parades.

Birthday Parade Celebrations

We would love to come to your celebration parade too. All you have to do is go here and fill out the form and we could be coming to your next drive-by parade. Here's an added bonus: We will bring Girl Scout cookies as a gift for the special guest courtesy of Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways.
It is a definite win for everybody involved and it'll be a memory that will last a long time.

Speaking of Girl Scout Cookies, this is the last weekend that you'll be able to purchase them from the troops in the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways. The Girl Scouts have come up with creative ways to sell their cookies during the pandemic.

They have been able to get these wonderful tasting treats into our hands so we can put them in our watering mouths.

Girl Scout Cookies in the Southern Tier

Go here to see the line-up of cookies and where you can get them before they are all gone. There are many locations in the Southern Tier including the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 72 Main Street Binghamton from  Thursday - Sunday from 4 -8 p.m.

All proceeds stay local to help the girls as they develop important life and leadership skills. Besides, when you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you can see the smiles on their faces too.

All area sales officially conclude Sunday, March 28th, so don't miss out.

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