April the giraffe has turned her 15 minutes of fame into weeks and a month, It's kind of like the Kardashians 15 minutes except I'm okay with April's moment in the sun. With all the negativity that we witness on social media everyday, it's nice to have this kind of distraction.

It's great publicity for  Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville and the rest of our area. April's impending birth has been a leading trend on Facebook and when I checked this morning over 125,000 people were watching.

April has been quite the sensation, even a pregnant woman named Dietrich got in on the impending birth watching phenomenon. Now we know that you have real lives but you want to be kept up to date with the latest April news. Good news, there is a April the Giraffe 'Active Labor' Notification App. That way when she gets really close, you'll be notified.

So how is she doing right now? Find out for yourself.

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