Apparently its pretty simple, you just give the veggies more awesome of a name!

Researchers at Stanford University hung out in lunchrooms to find out what works. They simply started flipping the signage for the vegetables out a ton of times with different names on them.  If the sign said "corn" or "spinach", no one ate any of it. new sign's saying  "vitamin-rich corn" and "reduced-sodium corn."made little difference.

Now if you add age appropriate "buzz words" to the titles you're onto something!

Studies showed that 23% more kids ate the corn if the sign said "rich, buttery, roasted sweet corn,". If I know the kid mind, I'm guessing its because it said 'sweet' in the title. The corn wasn't changed in any way, no added butter, no added sugar it wasn't roasted nor was it wealthy.

If you want your kid to eat his or her broccoli, I'd try calling it "Birdsall's Super Sweet Slammin' Cheese Slathered Broc Bombs" Actually, use your last name. They may not touch it if they think I made it. You have to remember this awful we had?

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