Who doesn't love an ice cream treat in the summer? Even our dogs do. But they have a problem digesting our kind of ice cream. Now there's a company that makes ice cream for dogs and it's only available for a limited time at a local grocery chain. According to Simplemost.com, Aldi grocery stores will be carrying a new ice cream just for your furry friend. It is made for them to enjoy the delicious treat without worrying if they will get sick. You will be able to pick up Heart to Tail brand's Frozen Dog Treats starting June 26th at Aldi's.

There are four Dixie cups in each package consisting of two of each flavor. There is the original flavor which dogs seem to love but we aren't sure what original means. There is also cheese and bacon that your dog will absolutely love. They cost three dollars per package and are only available while they last, so stock up starting June 26th.

They don't contain any artificial preservatives and are gluten-free. Unlike regular ice cream, these are safe for your dogs to eat and enjoy.

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