The master of the ultimate Horror apocalypse “Night of the Living Dead’ the movie series that inspired “the Walking Dead’ George Romero has past away at the age of 77.

One of my favorite horror scenarios is the George Romero classic Night of the Living Dead in which the dead returned to life and could only be killed by shooting or stabbing the head.

The original 1968 version was in black and white and was hailed by many baby boomers as one of the best apocalyptic horror themed creations ever.

Romero’s classic was the story line behind one of the most popular television series AMC’s “The Walking Dead’ and spun five sequels to his original classic.

The dead just keep coming and one bite and you will turn into a flesh-eating Zombie too.

Some of the Romero sequels deal with aging Zombies and new research as to how the dead come back to life and why they want to eat you.

AMC’s the Walking Dead is based on Romero’s classic movie but co-creator Robert Kirkland has developed a genuinely original character story line.

I read somewhere that George Romero was asked by the Walking Dead creators to be a consultant for the show, but flatly refused to be associated.

I’m sure with George’s passing there will be some tributes to his work and new movies that slightly plagiarize his original concept.

George Romero died yesterday after a short battle with Lung Cancer he was 77.

Check out the original trailer for the 1968 horror classic “Night of the Living Dead” and the classic opening.



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