Country music has always been a proud of supporter of the military, and Garth Brooks proved how much he values servicemen and women when he choked up while reading a card one fan wrote to those giving back to their country.

During an appearance on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck radio show this week, Brooks read a special message from a woman named Lindsay on the air. It said: "Thank you for your service. Thank you for devoting your life to fighting for our freedom. I can’t thank you enough for your service. Please know how much you are appreciated."

"Lindsay, you are phenomenal," Brooks praised after reading the letter — a part of Ty, Kelly and Chuck's holiday campaign to send 100,000 thank you letters to armed forces overseas. "Amen, Lindsey, you are dead on. I don’t know if Lindsay has children, but this is every parent’s card to the men and women who secure our children’s dreams," he continued. “I can’t think of anybody who deserves it more than our military men and women, past, present, and future."

When it comes to giving back to fans, Brooks likes to get creative with his generosity. In addition to giving his guitar off his back to a fan, he also offered a free honeymoon to a couple that got engaged at one of his concerts, among a myriad of other awe-inspiring giveaways. The moment Brooks gave away his guitar to superfan Jeremy Larson is nominated in the category of Best Artist/Fan Moment of 2017 in the Taste of Country Fan Choice Awards.

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