Today is World Aids Day its purpose is to unite people across our planet to help bring awareness and fight against HIV while showing support for those inflicted with the disease.

Aids started in the 1980’s as an unexplained epidemic which seem to be effecting mainly gay men, it was a death sentence at the time, and nobody really knew much about it.

Through the years thanks to donations and awareness, science has found ways to make the disease manageable.

Hundreds of events taken place throughout the planet on December 1st to recognize and remember those who have died from this disease.

Probably one of the first celebrities to bring out the reality of Aids was legendary actor Rock Hudson who contracted and died from the disease in 1985.

We also found that Aids was not confined to the gay community when people who contracted the virus from blood transfusions, like Ryan White, an Indiana student who was a hemophiliac and contracted Aids from contaminated blood and died from complications from the disease on 1990, and Tennis Champion Arthur Ashe who lost his battle in 1993.

We have come along way, but it won’t be over until the disease is completely eradicated from our planet, so we continue to support and encourage others to take a stand and show your support.


More information on World Aids Day HERE

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