Maren Morris has very little to be ashamed of when it comes to being unabashedly herself — the Grammy-winning artist has garnered acclaim for everything ranging from her music to her fashion sense.

So it comes as no surprise that Morris pulled no punches and was aptly able to clap back when a fan made a rude personal comment on her Twitter account.

In response to a vacation photo Morris posted of herself on Nov. 30 wearing a bikini, a Twitter user remarked, "Please tell me you didn't get a boob job? Fake boobs are disgusting."

Morris responded: "Not that it would be any of your business, but I didn’t. But guess what? You just won a meet & greet of your choice so you can come and say that to my face!"

Nice one, Maren. Fans gleefully reacted to her on-point comeback with a variety of amused gifs and comments, with one even noting, "How do I win a meet and greet? I support your boobs fake or real!"

Morris is already known for being outspoken to trolls on social media, having said her piece regarding the matter back in September. "Honestly, I'm over the slut-shaming that goes on here," Morris wrote recently on Twitter. "I'm a self-sufficient woman who loves her body. Get over it, thanks."

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