Garth Brooks hasn't been shy about his love of Ashley McBryde's music. He's performed her song "Girl Goin' Nowhere" (lightly reworked as "Guy Goin' Nowhere") live, and even put his version on his most recent live album.

"When you talk about what a true songwriter is, you have her standing right here," Brooks shared in 2019, at an event also featuring McBryde. "You seem to be rare in everything you do," he told her, also calling McBryde wise beyond her years.

On Monday (March 15), Brooks took his admiration for McBryde one step further: He, McBryde and songwriter-artist Mitch Rossell, a frequent Brooks collaborator, teamed up for a songwriting session.

"That was pretty freakin' cool," Brooks shared during his Inside Studio G Facebook livestream that evening, fresh from the writers' room. Together, he says, they penned "somethin' country ... stone country."

"The truth is ... Mitch and I just kinda sat and watched her. She's an animal, man. She just tore it up," Brooks says of McBryde, adding that while he was happy to be in the room with McBryde and Rossell, he also knew to let McBryde take the lead.

"If one of you's on a roll, just keep the hell out of their way -- just cheer 'em on," Brooks explains of his songwriting philosophy, "... and she was tearin' it up today."

Brooks did not offer further details about the song's content or who might record it. Both Brooks and McBryde released new albums in 2020: Her Never Will arrived in March, while his Fun dropped in November. Rossell, who wrote Brooks' hit "Ask Me How I Know," meanwhile, has been releasing singles, and looks to be working on new music of his own.

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