Upstate New York carries a tradition of some great food with it. Western New York has its Texas Hots and of course Buffalo chicken wings. Binghamton has its spiedies, and there’s amazing Friday night fish fries all over the state. Rochester has come under fire for its infamous Garbage Plates.

The website Thrillist has ranked the Garbage Plate as New York State’s grossest food. Now in the rankings I can see why the plate would be at the bottom of the list. Wings, spiedies, fish fries all put up a good argument above being ranked ahead of the Garbage Plate.

I don’t have a problem of the ranking, I have a problem with the review posted.

The review compares the plate to being a 5-year-old and taking all the food in your parent’s kitchen and microwaving it. Its described as a “white-hot tornado of trashy, obnoxious brilliance.”

First off, the reviewer needs come down off their high horse. The Garbage Plate is the most self-aware food item this state has to offer. Its not trying to be fine dining, upscale, or healthy. It’s a plate of all separately delicious foods, mixed into one giant mass of a drunk food. Its meant to be greasy, filling, and an overall experience.

With meat, sauce, vegetables, and eggs…..the Garbage Plate could technically be a salad.

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