It's Super Sunday and it's your turn to host the party at your house. Just in case, the game isn't intriguing enough, here are some things to add some excitement to your get together....or a way to NEVER GET ASKED TO HOST AGAIN!!!

Well here's a game plan for a winning Sunday according to those who know more about it than I do. I have my thoughts on their thoughts.

Fun party favors. The experts say, create your own sidelines action with themed trinkets. People like to get silly and can create their own halftime show with fun little toys.

My thoughts: When I read this I thought this was a suggestion from a woman.....It was not. The only thing men want to do during the halftime show is fill up on food and use the bathroom....and maybe watch for another possible wardrobe malfunction.

Sweet Treats. The experts say, football-shaped chocolate-covered strawberries, theme cookies, and cupcakes will score big. They also make great gifts.

My thoughts: Are you sure this isn't an Edible Arrangement party?

Hot stuff. The experts say, make a big pot of chili and serve with grated cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream.

My thoughts: Finally something that sounds like a football party. Most guys would prefer to see Hot Stuff cheering on the sidelines.

Buck of Beverages. The experts say, free up fridge space by "filling a tub with beers and soft drinks." A metal washtub works great and you can use it again at the backyard BBQ this summer.

My thoughts: Now it's a real football type of party and more importantly it's a great way to make sure your friends don't go through your fridge.

If this fails and it could, here are some "better" suggestions that you can try. Here are my top 5 suggestions for a successful party: Pizza, wings, snacks, beverages...and more pizza.

One phone call can take care of all that!

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