Two groups of people are truly upset that Blake Shelton was picked as People's Sexiest Man Alive: fans of actor Idris Elba and fans of every other sexy man on Earth.

No, we're not going to debate the sexiness of the "I'll Name the Dogs" singer (there is, after all, something to Brett Eldredge's argument that his everyman appeal allows him to stand above the Jason Momoas of the world). "Goofy is the new sexy," Eldredge says — and he might be right.

Or maybe it does come down to how good you look with your shirt off. One thing is clear: Twitter is not about "beauty comes from within," and they're angry that Shelton is this year's chosen sexy man.

Amidst the hate you'll find plenty of clever criticisms and ways to productively analyze Shelton's Sexiest Man Alive honor. Scroll through some of our favorites from celebs like Stephen Colbert and Kenny G. Even the famously futile Washington Generals piled on!

After you're done, enjoy our list of Country Music's Sexiest Men of 2017. No, Shelton didn't make the cut this year, but who knows what 2018 holds? If goofy is truly the new sexy, he'll land right alongside Larry the Cable Guy.

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