One week from today most of us will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner of epic portions, and if your light dinner conversation turns to politics, try changing the subject before it gets heated.

The saying goes politics makes good bedfellows, but it can also turn the most reserved person into a frothing Pitbull.

The one thing I have learned the hard way is not to discuss politics with anyone, and if you’re thinking about it I would re-think it.

Last year seemed to be a particularly tough year for political views, as one half of the country was opting for Hilary Clinton, and the other half opting for the unconventional antics of Donald Trump.

I have my opinions on this matter, but I will not discuss them, not even in this blog.

A recent survey found roughly 25% say talking politics can negatively affect production in the workplace, and men are twice as likely to suffer the affects.

Over half of employees will not talk politics and will even go out of their way to avoid people because of their views on political topics.

I limit my banter on political figures to lampoonery, and even then, I have been accused of poking fun of one candidate more so then another.

I have also seen people who rise to a level of extreme aggressiveness over political talk. The meek and mild, the soft spoken, changing into red eyed monsters.

People seem to take their political views very serious, most rate their passion above child raising skills and even religious beliefs.

So the next time someone asks you who you're stance on a candidate or your political party preference, do yourself a favor, smile and say I don't discuss politics.

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