I love books. I love the stories they tell and the emotions they conjure. And I love the movie 'The Book Thief."

The movie, "The Book Thief" was released in 2013 and centers around a young girl named Liesel who lives through the horrors of World War II in Germany and finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others, including the Jewish refugee who is sheltered in her basement by her adoptive parents.

"The Book Thief" stars Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush, Academy Award nominee Emily Watson, and Sophie Nelisse. The movie is based on the bestselling Young Adult Novel by Markus Zusak and is rated PG-13.

If this movie sounds interesting to you - good news! You're invited to join Your Home Public Library, located at 107 Main Street in Johnson City for a free viewing of "The Book Thief" next Tuesday, June 16th at 6pm.