Mustard. You either love it or you hate, there is no in between. Some people like mustard on hotdogs and some people are really strange and like sandwiches consisting of only mustard and mayonnaise on bread. My work partner Traci Taylor’s son John is a huge fan of mustard and mayonnaise sandwiches. Good thing he’s cute.

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I’m not a big fan of mustard myself unless it’s honey mustard on my chicken wings (then I'm all for it.). When I was talking to Traci this morning, I think she was enjoying watching me squirm when she let me know that there are a couple of dishes she’s cooked, and then she shared the food with me that had mustard in them. UGH!  I had no idea... Now I can't un-know it.

I thought that In celebration of National Mustard Day (Saturday, August 1st), I would give you my favorite things to put mustard on. However, since I only have 1 (chicken wings), I asked Traci what her favorites were. This is what she said:

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