Sometimes it's hard to feel grateful, to find little things in our daily lives to be thankful for and, to have a general sense of happiness. These days, as our world is is topsy turvy, that is all the more true.

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So many people are facing uncertainty amid the global coronavirus pandemic in which we are living. Many are without jobs, others are working triple overtime and are absolutely spent. Some are trying to figure out how to homeschool their kids while juggling work while others are terrified for their babies that they must send out of the home for childcare. Many are wondering how in the world they're going to keep the electricity on while others are hoarding all the toilet paper because they're afraid they'll never be able to find more again.

Mary Odgers, a nurse, life coach, and author knows a thing or two about feeling like the world is crashing in because hers did. Odgers lost her home to wildfire followed by her husband, father, and her youngest son, all of which she wrote about in Six Funerals and a Wedding: A Memoir.

Odgers could have curled up in a ball and allowed depression to swallow her whole, but instead, she squared her shoulders and faced life choosing to be happy. These are a few of the suggestions Odger has on how to truly choose happiness.

Four Simple Ways to Feel More Grateful

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