With all of the grumbling coming from the mouths of New Yorkers lately, the fact that our state ranks so high in happiness is a bit surprising.

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Out of all states in the United States, the team at Joy Organics says that the happiest state of all is Massachusetts which has a happiness index score of 94.5 out of 100.

Coming in as the second most happy state is Rhode Island with a happiness score of 84.3 and in third place is Connecticut with a happiness score of 83.9 out of 100.

New York took the fourth spot with a happiness score of 81.6 out of 100. The rest of the top ten most happy states are Minnesota, New Jersey, Nebraska, Maryland, California, and Illinois, and Utah tied for the tenth most happy states.

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It's interesting to note that the states with the most sunshine and therefore most often seen as being happy states, Hawaii, California, and Florida, were nowhere to be seen on the top ten list.

How did Joy Organics reach the conclusion of which states are happiest?  The team took at a look at several factors relating to well-being and happiness and then they scored each of those factors one out of ten to compile their own Happiness Index Score for all 50 states.

The factors that were looked at by Joy Organics were the rate of suicides in each state,  the average hourly pay, the severity of depression and anxiety reported in each state, unemployment rates, how many primary care and mental health providers are available in each state, how many residents claim to be sleep deprived, and neighborhood amenities.

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