Over the next few years, it's estimated that over a million service members will be transitioning back into civilian life and while the job market has started to really bounce back, those looking for new jobs are going to have something else to contend with: veterans. Veterans are going to be pretty tough to compete against in the job market and for good reason. According to Forbes, these are some of those reasons.

  • Veteras Make Good Leaders and Are Team-Oriented

    Simply put, those with military experience are good at giving out orders, but they also know how to take overs without an issue.

  • Veterans Are Good Under Pressure

    Think about it- if a veteran can stay calm and level-headed while they're in the middle of a war zone, they're definitely going to be able to handle the daily pressure of a workplace.

  • Veterans Roll Their Sleeves Up

    Veterans know how to get things done and they don't do things half of the way or sloppily. They don't complain and they certainly don't sit back and let others do the job and then bask in the afterglow. Veterans jump right in, sleeves rolled up, get the job done, and move on to the next project.

  • Veterans Are Good At Communicating And Goal Setting

    The key to being a good leader is being able to set goals for a team and then communicate those goals in a way the team can understand so they can accomplish them. Veterans understand this and they're good at doing both which makes them invaluable employees.

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