I know you've heard people say how thankful they are that the holidays are over because it means they'll be able to get back on track with proper eating habits after spending two months shoveling food down their throats, but what appears less than two months after the new year? Super Bowl. And what do we do on Super Bowl Sunday? We eat!

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If you think that all the people who will be going to Super Bowl parties on Sunday to watch the Chiefs and 49ers play are there more for the game than they are the food, you'd be wrong. According to a survey put out by the food company Farm Rich, 56 percent of people say they're actually not at the party for the football. They're there for the food.

People are so invested in munching on the incredible spread before them that 40 percent of people say that when they've gone to  Super Bowl party, they've actually lost track of the game because they were so focused on the food before them.

All of the eating and drinking on Super Bowl Sunday also means a lot of people calling out of work on Monday morning, something I'm sure doesn't come as a huge shock to employers.

32% of respondents revealed they’ve called in sick to work the day after the Super Bowl. And those leading the charge are 39-54-year-olds, with 46% having called in sick compared to only 16% of those 55+.

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