We all know someone who is always cold (maybe that someone is you). If you can't ever seem to stave off the chill in your bones whether at home or at work, here are five must-haves that will help warm up the chill.

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  • 1

    Catalonia Sherpa Wearable Blanket with Sleeves & Foot Pockets

    Michelle Sokoll reviewed this product saying,


    I bought this because it was incredibly cold at work and I wanted something I could throw on while I worked at my desk. Yes, on the first day people laughed...but a week later other people at work started showing up with blankets and snuggles so I guess when they saw me break the ice they decided it was a good idea. Lol. I wear heels and dresses to work so the leg holes kept me warmer than if I got a traditional blanket or snuggly which is why I selected this one. I would order again in the future. Great Product.

  • 2

    Wattne Hand Warmers 2 in 1 Micro USB Rechargeable Hand Warmer

    Five stars and under 16 bucks? Yes, please!


  • 3

    Electric Heated Foot Warmer

    Imagine sitting at your desk and slipping your icy cold feet into this warmness.

  • 4

    Help Me I'm Cold Coffee Mug

    Nothing makes a statement and lets those around you know how cold you are quite like a mug that says what your mouth is tired of saying.

  • 5

    Glass Teapot with Infuser and Bamboo Trivet

    You'll need a toasty warm drink to put in your "I'm Cold" mug (see number 4) and this adorable teapot will help you accomplish that.

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