One of my fondest memories growing up in Warren Center, Pa was rifle hunting with my Dad. We would hunt rabbit, turkey and grouse but the biggest thrill was deer hunting.

We would go to Grandma Kipp's for Thanksgiving dinner and watch football. During halftime of one of the games, we would go out and sight in our guns and get ready for the first day of buck on Monday.

I was part of the Pitcher gang and that was special to me and I was known for my shooting....not hitting but shooting. There's even a spot that's still known as Glenn's stand today. You could hear me unloading my gun as the shots would ring throughout the hillside.

There was something special about missing school and going after the big 12 point, it's something I'll never forget. My daughter, Tara, joined the Pitcher gang last year and is looking forward to hunting for the big one again this year.

Every since 1963, rifle deer season began on the Monday after Thanksgiving, however that changed yesterday (4/9) when the Pennsylvania Game Commission voted 5-3 to change it to the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The idea behind it is that they'll get more people to hunt and help hunters that can't get off of work on Monday. Tara is an out-of-state hunter and she won't have to miss school to enjoy the first day of buck season.

Those that oppose it claim that it's a holiday weekend and the roads will be crowded and it increases the chances of hitting a deer. Tradition is the other reason for keeping it on Monday.

Rifle deer season in PA will begin on November 30th. My question to my Pennsylvania hunter friends is: Should they move it to the first Saturday or keep it at the first Monday after Thanksgiving?


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