I remember enjoying great meals at the Vestal Steakhouse, a local popular restaurant on the Vestal Parkway that is now log gone. I looked forward to the waiter/waitress stopping by our table with a large tray of various types of break to enjoy before our meals arrived.

There were many times I would meet someone from out of town for dinner at the Vestal Steakhouse. Of course the first question would be "Exactly where is this restaurant?" I'd reply "Take Exit 70, Route 201 South, right onto the Vestal Parkway and look for a building on your right with a huge bull on top of the front entrance overhang." The reactions were priceless, especially when my guests saw the bull for the first time.

Well, after the restaurant closed which I believe was in the early 2000s, the bull, which stands at two stories tall, went up for sale by the owner. Between local residents and businesses. money was raised for the bull to find a new home at the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier on Morgan Road, next to the Ross Park Zoo, where it remains today.

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier has announced on their website, that the bull, renamed 'Blossom', is ready for a new makeover. The website mentions that they recently received a grant from the Broome County Arts Council for the facelift.

So the Discovery Center is asking for facelift artistic renderings from the public. Think you are up for the task? The website mentions it's a 1000 dollar paid opportunity and the Discovery Center will also pay for the paint. Entry deadline is April 23rd.

What type of facelift would you give Blossom? My idea would be to paint pictures of landmarks found throughout the greater Binghamton area as a representation of what our area is most proud of. The problem is, I don't have any painting talents.

For more information, contact the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier.

[via Discovery Center of the Southern Tier]

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