I am probably the least fashionable person I know. It makes me laugh when people tell me how much they like the way I style my son and decorate my home because the fact of the matter is that I wear what I like, and I decorate our home the way I like. Luckily for me, what I like is now “in” for Christmas 2020. It's funny how trends have a tendency of coming and going, isn’t it?

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If you’re looking to change up your Christmas decor this year and want a cozy yet bright and clean look, I definitely recommend considering a farmhouse look. If you’re cringing thinking that means something that looks like it stepped out of the 1980s, you know the white and blue duck decor every home in America had, think again.

Farmhouse decor has come leaps and bounds since the 80s (yes, farmhouse decor was a thing way before Joanna Gaines made it new again). If you love buffalo plaid, twinkling lights, and toned down, woodsy ornaments and decor, you’re going to really like the farmhouse Christmas decor of 2020.

Looking for inspiration? These are a few of my favorite farmhouse Christmas decor items (I’ve even decorated my house with some of these!).

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