How many times have you found out that you'd developed the wrong impression of someone just by the look on their face? There is a scientific reason for that.

Many times, people are judged by their facial expressions rather than by their words. I just read an article from PLOS ONE that mentioned something called Facial Width to Height Ratio or WHR.

According to PLOS One, the dimensions of your face can predict your degree of aggressiveness. It has something to do with the distance between your cheeks and upper lip to the middle of your eyebrows.

Most of us don’t go around measuring each other’s faces to see what kind of mood we’re in, so cracking a smile would be a nice way to set the mood.

I always believe in the Dale Carnegie method of approaching a person much like a friendly dog you would greet on the street, well without the tail wagging and tongue hanging out, but the overall demeanor.

  • Always greet people with a "hello" or, "hi, nice to see you"(meet you).
  • One of the golden rules of good conversation is to talk about the other person instead of yourself and to get them comfortable to talk about themselves.
  • Call the other person by their name but don’t overdo it. When someone calls me by my name every time they open their mouth, I take that as insincere and somewhat pretentious.

Have a great day and, smile, the weekend is here!

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