How is a parent supposed to talk to their kids about scary things happening in the world without creating even more fear, especially in small children?

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My son is five and has the hearing of a moth (fun fact: moths have the best hearing in the world among both humans and animals). I can be two floors away from him listening to the news at a low volume and the child will hear every word and retain all of it.

Several times over the last year, my son has approached me with questions that have left me floundering like a fish out of water with no idea how to correctly answer him in a way that he'll understand without leaving him anxious about the state of the world.

My mom is not a child psychologist or a child specialist in any way other than that she has seven kids and has found herself in my position so many times.

When my son asked me about the events that recently took place at the United States Capitol, I turned to my mom for advice on answering his questions and her advice was such a huge help that I wanted to share her wisdom with you.

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