If you are a fan of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" (PTI), then you know that one of the co-hosts is Tony Kornheiser. He's been there since it's inception in 2001 and it's still  one of the highest (if not the highest) rated program on the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

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Then you would also know that he is a graduate of Binghamton University and promotes the school all the time. However on August 3, he had a shout-out to a different Binghamton team... the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

A couple of fans sent Kornheiser a Binghamton Rumble Ponies jersey and he wore it on PTI. Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham tweeted out the video and you'll LOVE what Kornheiser's co-host Michael Wilbon had to say.

PTI Spoiler Alert: It includes about a Max Scherzer reference.

I think that makes him the third most famous person to wear a Binghamton Rumble Ponies jersey behind Tim Tebow and Max Scherzer. Your opinion may differ and that's okay.

It's no secret that Tony Kornheiser is a Binghamton University alum but did you know that he almost never graduated from the school? We found out this nugget of knowledge during his 2017 Commencement Speech at Binghamton University.

Tony Kornheiser's Time As A Student At Binghamton University

It was May 21, 2017 and he gave his speech wearing a Binghamton University baseball cap. During the speech, he told the audience that he needed a second science course in order to graduate.

Science was not easy for him and he needed a 65 on his final Biology for Non-Science Majors class. As you can guess it ended well but you can see how he finally did it here.

Tony Kornheiser is just one of many celebrity's that have graced the campus of Binghamton University. See how many other Binghamton University and Binghamton residents that you can recognize below.

35 Famous People With Ties to the Binghamton Area

RANKED: Top 25 Golf Courses in Upstate New York

There are numerous "best golf course" lists circulating. These are proposed by popular golf magazines, websites, golf professionals, and others. Surprisingly, almost all of them agree on the best New York courses, with some moving one particular course up or down slightly in their rankings.

I like this list of Top 100 Golf Courses online in association with sports company TaylorMade. I like it because for each entry they also put a bit of course history in their comments section. Each of the top 25 golf courses in Upstate New York (in this gallery) have a link "to the list" so you can see other courses, not in Upstate, and where they ranked.

Note: This featured gallery includes just the top 25 for Upstate New York, but there are others, so be sure and check "the list."

Have you played any of these great golf courses?

21 Of the Most Mangled Town and Village Names in Upstate New York

There are a lot of town names in Upstate New York with a whole lot of unnecessary letters in them. Because the towns and villages were named (for the most part) 200 plus years ago by the Native American tribes who settled here, this leads to many mispronounced (yes, mangled) pronunciations for us all these years later.

This is a list of 21 of the most commonly mangled pronunciations of Upstate town names. Of course, there are many more so we look forward to our readers sharing their own suggestions for "most mangled, mispronounced town names in Upstate New York."


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