Thank God this election cycle is over.  What a waste of money.  Millions of dollars used that could have helped millions of people.  It's been a brutal few months that seemed like years.  I was beginning to wonder when it would end.  There were some big surprises and upsets on Election night.

I read on that, according to Business Insider, that Trump's election night lead prompted "the Canadian Immigration web site to crash."  And that was just during the time the votes were being tallied. I wonder if they are better prepared today.

Craig Morgan ('That's What I Love About Sundays') was quoted from a Taste of Country post taken from one of early morning tweets,  "Should you choose to stand by your word and leave, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."  Craig has never been known to hide his comments or his political views.

Watching the results come in on Election night, was something you could certainly get wrapped up in.  But now that it's over and it's time to heal as a nation.  But we have to be together on this.  It may be time to turn off CNN/FOX/MSNBC for a while to destress yourself.  Maybe we should all take another look at Tim McGraw's awesome 'Humble and Kind.'  It can't hurt.  There's a lesson in here for everyone. The Election is over, let's move on...together.

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