On August 21st a solar eclipse will take place around North America, some areas will go completely dark while others will still experience a partial eclipse of our sun, read more here.

I am a big sky watcher, whether it’s a meteor shower, lunar eclipse or one of the biggest day time events, the Solar Eclipse.

On August 21st at approximately 2:40pm the greater Binghamton area will experience a big part of the eclipse between 70 and 80 percent of the sun will be blocked out.

Spectators should not look directly into the eclipse without protective glasses or some type of filter.

I remember the last total eclipse I saw back in the late 70’s in San Diego California, there was always a thin cloud cover each morning before the sky cleared up and we actually could see the moon completely cover the sun under the filter of the clouds.

We also had one here when I was very young but I remember it got really dark  and scary for a little kid.

To see how much the sun will be blocked out in our area click HERE

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