My daughter Tara sells Easter candy every year for dance at the Dance Connection. So I always know that I will be well-stocked with candy when Easter arrives on Sunday. One of my favorites is the chocolate bunny.

I was asked if I knew the proper way to eat it? I never had given it much thought before but now I can't "unthink" it. Suddenly there is all this pressure on the way I should eat this chocolate delight.

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I've given it some thought...okay... a lot of thought...alright, WAY TOO MUCH THOUGHT and this is what I've come up with.

Proper Way To Eat A Chocolate Bunny

Gently remove the bunny from the box and eye it up. In other words, use your eyes to figure out what part to eat first. When you are mentally ready to proceed, take a bite from the selected part or area.

Repeat until you are full or the part is gone. If you want the bunny to last longer, you should freeze it before eating it.

Don't Do This

This is important: Don't name the bunny before you eat it. If you call it "Bugs" or "Peter Cottontail," you may feel guilty eating it. If you don't want to eat the whole thing, then naming it may be the best option.

It's suggested that you don't eat the eyes unless it's made of chocolate because it could hurt your teeth. If you decide to eat the eyes anyway, I STRONGLY suggest that you don't yell out "STOP STARING AT ME.

So is there a "right" way to eat a chocolate bunny? A recent study by Wallethub found that you should it's ears first. Maybe that's so the bunny can't hear what you're saying. That sounds creepier than I meant it to be.

If nibbling the ears doesn't appeal to you, others suggest that you eat the feet or tail first. If your start to feel guilty that you're devouring a chocolate bunny, I'm here to help you feel less shame.

Just drop it off at 59 Court Street, Binghamton and I'll make sure it finds a good "home." Happy Easter and don't forget to find a good Bible-Believing Church to attend this Sunday, I'll be there at 10 a.m.

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