We’re getting close to Memorial Day, which means there might be a big cookout on the horizon for you. Because for many that's what Memorial Day weekend means....eating too much.

Do you think that you have what it takes to eat it all? Well there are restaurants that challenge you to do just that and they think you'll fail.

Here’s a rundown of some insane eating challenges that almost nobody has won:

The Squeeze Inn Burger Patty Record Challenge: The current record at the Squeeze Inn in Sacramento, California, is a burger with 17 beef patties and 17 slices of cheese.

If you want to beat the record, you’re looking at a burger with 18 patties and 18 slices of cheese. Good luck.

The Kidz Breakfast Challenge: It's done by Jesters Diner in England and you have to eat over nine pounds of sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, butter, and fried bread, among many other things.

It’s called the “Kidz Breakfast” because at nine pounds, it’s the size of an actual kid.

The Inferno Bowl Challenge: When you visit Nitally's ThaiMex Cuisine in St. Petersberg, Florida, try the Inferno bowl. It's a 48-ounce bowl of soup made with a variety of hot peppers including the legendary ghost pepper.

Only one person has succeeded in finishing the soup in over seven years. I love soup but I don't think I would have any chance at coming close to that record.

Go here to see other restaurant challenges that almost nobody has won. These are the kind of challenges that I wouldn't mind, because even if I fail, I still get a chance to eat a lot of food.

[via GRUNGE]

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