I freely admit that I'm terrible about drinking as much water as I should. Pretty much the only time I drank more than enough was when I was pregnant, but after reading this, I'll definitely be drinking more water!

According to Elite Daily, research shows that drinking water can actually help you cut calories. Unbelievable, right? Well, it's true!

Basically, the way it work is that water fills up your belly so you don't want to eat as much food. What's more is that research has also learned that sometimes when we think we're hungry, we're not- we're actually just thirsty.

So, the next time you get hit with hunger at work, down some water instead of making a beeline to the vending machine.

Here's another reason you'll want to reach for a tall glass of water- by drinking just three more glasses of water each day could mean you take in 200 fewer calories. Don't think 200 calories is much? Well, it's the equivalent to running two miles.

Of course, water shouldn't take the place of food. A proper diet will not only help you drop weight, but will also keep you healthy.

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