My sister and I are completely crazy when it comes to sharing dairy products. Like, if you think you're going to share with us, we go crazy.

I don't know why, but Beth and I have always had an aversion to sharing anything with dairy. For instance, if we take a bite of cheese and then someone else (like one of our kids) snatches it and takes a bite, we'll refuse to finish the cheese and will gladly give it away.

The crazy thing is that we're both obsessed with cheese and with dairy based dips, which means we have our own dip bowls when we spend time together. Our own bowls that nobody else is allowed to dip into. And if someone does, there's a chance that there will be tears.

Maybe Beth and I have been onto something all these years and had no clue.  And, at least according to one team of researchers, this is a good thing ... because double-dipping is a health hazard. And not just double dipping into dairy based things either.

According to the Scientific American, researchers found that there was an increase in bacteria in all the salsa, chocolate, and cheese dips that were double-dipped, with salsa being the worst.

The potential for disaster is huge here. So, for the love of your your fellow humans, just don’t double-dip.

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