Don't wait, get your REAL ID ahead of the deadline.

That's what government officials are saying to New Yorkers.

The new REAL ID law will go into effect in 2020, a deadline which is sooner than some may think.

Why do you need a REAL ID? First off, it's a law. Second off, you will need it to board a flight, enter a government building, and enter a military base.

You will need to obtain the REAL ID in person at your local NYS DMV before the October 2020 deadline. The free version of the REAL ID will allow you to board a domestic flight, and the $30 upgrade version will allow you to get on a cruise or enter Canada and Mexico without a passport. Essentially a REAL ID combined with an enhanced license.

The idea and new security measure have stemmed out of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and were put into place to assure that all states are taking the same and correct security measures.

More information on the REAL ID can be found here.

[via WLNY]

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