Let me first start by saying if this happened on United States soil, I would be filing for bankruptcy. Let me also say my road rage is bordering on incurable. I can admittedly say my road rage is extremely terrible, maybe almost unbearable.

I just don’t like people who can’t drive, go too slow, or don’t realize the turn signal is actually something you should use.


We all have experienced a little road rage in our lives, how we deal with it varies. Some may yell some curses, some of us may put a nice song on, some of us maybe “use our hands” in a certain way.

If you catch my drift.

“Using your hands” to express your discontent is resulting in fines over with our friends in England. How much? A fine for an obscene gesture can result in someone paying $1,400! That is a whole bunch of money for showing just one finger.

But the money grab doesn’t stop there.

To make an obscene gesture one must remove their hands from the steering wheel. Technically that is Inattentive Driving, and technically that is breaking the law in England as well. That results in a $3,500 fine!

That’s a whole bunch of money for a passing moment of road rage.

If this crazy fine system is ever implemented in America, I may start riding my bike!

[via Metro]

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