The other day, my husband and I were driving from near the mall in Johnson City to Arnold Park in Vestal, which meant that we had to travel the 201 bridge. There was an older man who kept cutting us off, and who didn’t use his turn signal. My husband was incensed and wanted to drive up along the man and flash him an angry face. I told Jay not to because stooping to the man’s level and being nasty wasn’t going to accomplish anything other than continuing the cycle of ignorant driving.

If there’s one thing I detest, it’s road rage. When Jay got so upset, it was the first time I’d ever seen him like that. I know a lot of guys who have trouble keeping their emotions in check while driving, but I only know two female drivers who rage behind the wheel. Other than those two, I’ve never been in the car with a woman who’s lost her cool, and so, this really shocked me.

The Daily Mail reports that Hyundai did a survey on the subject of road rage and they found out that the average woman has it way more than the average man. 1,000 people were used in the study, which included sensors and webcams and the conclusion was that 12% more women had behind-the-wheel anger issues, but road rage in women seems to taper off with age because most women 33-years-old and older were much more relaxed in the car than younger women.

So, what grinds the gears of younger women when they’re driving? Being cut off, being honked at, and having a backseat driver.

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