The dog is barking incessantly at the back door. She’s already had enough treats for the day but she won’t stop causing that piercing woof. You let her outside so she can go bark at some squirrel. You may forget about her.


The temperatures over the next few days will reach the negatives with the wind chill. You can add layers to yourself to stay warm but your pets can’t. Dog’s paws are some of the most sensitive areas on their bodies. Imagine going through the snow barefoot, that almost is what it’s like for pups to walk over cold concrete or black top.

There is a pretty interesting law in Pennsylvania called Libre’s Law. It is named after a dog who was left tethered outside of a home where she was found very sick and emaciated. The law prohibits owners from leaving their dogs outside for more than 30 minutes in temperatures above 90 degrees and below 32 degrees.

People who break this law could face up to $750 in fines or up to 90 days in jail.

As the temperatures drop, our love for our furry friends doesn’t. Please be mindful of your pets in these frigid temperatures.


[via PEOPLE]

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