I have dressed up as Santa Claus many times in my life. It is one of the only characters where I can flaunt the fact that I'm a little round in the middle like good old Kris Kringle.

Here in America Santa is traditionally a plump older man, with a red suit, the infamous Santa hat, and a stark white beard.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, a design firm posed the question "Does Santa need to be re-branded?"

Graphic Springs surveyed over 400 people along with over 4,000 people responding to their survey.

In the end, 27% of people said they believe Santa should be gender neutral or a woman. Breaking that down: 11% said that Santa should be re-branded as a woman and 17% would like to see a gender-neutral version.

A whopping 72% of people said Kris Kringle should remain a man.

The suggestions for the Mr. Claus re-brand also included some VERY creative suggestions:

  • 22 percent said he should trade the sleigh and reindeer for a flying car.
  • 25 percent said he should turn in his boots and wear trainers.
  • 21 percent said he should go on a diet.
  • 23 percent said he should use Amazon Prime.
  • 20 percent said a tattooed Santa would be cool.
  • 18 percent said he should get a new hairstyle and wear skinny jeans.

What do you think? Does Santa Claus need to be updated to be more inclusive?

[via WGRZ]

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