The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things in our lives. One of the biggest is people working at home. I have some friends that have told me that they like working remotely because they don't have to worry about the Binghamton traffic, I told them if you thought Binghamton was bad then you need to go to New York City or Nashville during rush hour.

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For others, it can be hard (especially for parents) to work from home while handling the family responsibilities too. As schools and daycare centers closed during the pandemic, household chores and child care has widened.

RetailMeNot did a study and found that working mothers are more likely than working fathers to work in remote-friendly jobs. Women that were working from home were more likely to take on a larger share of housework and child care.

On the other hand, men said that they were able to get more done and were more productive at home. I'm fortunate that my kids are older and they can do almost everything by themselves.

Are you looking for a place that you can work from home? Well according to the report, New Jersey and New Hampshire have the highest percentage of remote-friendly jobs. So how did New York State do?  New York has the 11th highest percentage of remote-friendly jobs for working parents at 35.5%.

Binghamton was around that number with 34% with Syracuse coming in at 40% of jobs being remote-friendly. In fact, Cuse ranked in the top ten of mid-size metro areas in all of the country.

Are you looking for a place to live that will allow you to work from home? Go here to see the locations that will work best for you.

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