Besides for a couple of crumpled up dollar bills, I never carry cash. When I go to a restaurant, run to the pharmacy, or grab gas I always find myself reaching for my debit card. It has definitely become a habit of mine.

My mother always tells me I should carry cash in case I lose my card, or if we are collecting money to play the Mega Millions at work. I usually don’t listen, cash is bulky and my card is nice and slim. Plus, when I’m at the cash register I avoid that awkward encounter of the people behind me in line judging me as I try and stash my cash in my wallet. Or maybe that is just me.

If I borrow money from someone, split a bill at a meal, or need to send birthday cash to my sister I use electronic methods. I adore Venmo, it makes transferring money very easy and I can use my phone which I’m attached to 24/7.

Let’s say a friend and I grab a quick bite and a drink, I don’t need to fumble around with coins and paper, I can pay the exact amount instantly.

The cashless mentality is another thing millennials are burdened with. The “researchers” say we are making cash obsolete. With multiple business accepting things like Apple Pay or cashless transactions it just makes life more convenient. Millennials take a lot of blame for some minuscule things, but I refuse to let being cashless become negative thing. I love convenience, and nowadays it’s just easier to go without cash on me!

[via OZY]

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